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Hello !
My name is Alexander David
Your Photographer Friend.

Sometimes, we think that any friend can take some photos of our most precious moments, but do not be confused, a professional photographer can create unforgettable photographs of unforgettable moments, and honestly, perhaps, not


they will be repeated; At some point in your life, those images will take you back to that exact moment and perhaps they can steal a simple smile or smile from you! why not?

Do not let yourself be impressed by the presentations and the costs, they are not as high as you imagine for an invaluable memory like the one you will live in Japan, here is the link to contact me, leave your message, your data and do not hesitate to contact you, I am sure that You will be surprised by the flexibility of my promotions, I wish you, that on your special day, you have the best memories of that unique and unrepeatable day, and Remember, to get to know Japan, it is always better with a Friend.  

Your chance to win a ticket to Japan

Thank you for your request! We will be in touch soon.

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